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Life Insurance and Annuity Investments

Life Insurance


Why do we need Life Insurance now and what type of life do we need?

There are 3 types of life insurance. Whole, Universal and Term.

Whole Life: This is original type of life insurance. It is a permanent life insurance which allows you to lock in a lifetime age rate and gives back a portion of your premium dollar investment in the form of an interest bearing savings accrual component at a fixed interest rate. There are access tools to use the accrued dollars in the saving component but has some limitations. Life insurance agents today use this type of life insurance for simplified medical questionnaire if you have been diagnosed with certain maladies, have a criminal record or do not need the new age components within Universal Life.


Universal Life: This is the modern hybrid of Whole Life. It is still a permanent life insurance policy with a lock in age rate and offers the similar interest bearing savings component but with more access features to the accrued dollars saved. Most Universal Life policies also have a fixed guaranteed interest rate along with a variable interest rate which overrides and is higher than the fixed interest rate.

Most insurance carriers endow at age 100 for both the Whole and Universal Life policies giving you lifetime coverage and a return on your invested premium if you live to be the age 100.

Term Life Insurance: Retirement Investment made easy to understand!


A life insurance product offering a secure risk environment at different levels of investment based on your individual needs. Choose from fixed and variable options for interest rate with or without minimum guarantees. Tax Qualified or non-qualified monies are place within a broad spectrum of annuities products based on individual investment retirement needs. Investment levels are chosen by the age of the applicant, the desired return of monthly income after the age 59 ½. New age models afford 12 months investment incentives to save more quickly. Owner of annuity has flexibility for personal lifetime income or in the event of the owners death it pays like life insurance, a tax free lump sum benefit paid to a named beneficiary.

Now is the time to learn more about this important investment tool. As little as $5,000 lump sum investment can start a lifetime annuity saving program.





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